Now, one thing you always keep close will assist you more than ever

  • Built-in Power Bank
  • Distance Alarm System
  • Thief Detector Camera
  • Global WiFi Hotspot
  • Global GPS Tracker

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Built-in Power Bank

No More
Dead Batteries

  • Built-in Power Bank to fully charge your smartphone on the go.
  • Extremely lightweight and thin.
  • Works both wirelessly and with a hidden cable.

Never Leave Your
Phone or Wallet Behind

  • Bluetooth Alarm System to notify you every time you leave your wallet behind.
  • Get notifications when you forget your phone behind as well.
  • Push the button on the wallet and your phone will ring, even on a silent mode.
Lost Phone/Wallet alert
Wi-Fi Hotspot

No More Expensive
Data Roaming

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot will ensure you have internet all over the world when traveling.
  • The internet cost is up to 3 times cheaper than roaming.

Know Who Opened
Your Wallet When It’s Lost

  • There’s a tiny camera in the wallet that becomes active only on a lost mode.
  • It will take a snapshot of who opened the wallet first and email you the pics.
Tiny camera
Global GPS system

Track Your Wallet
Globally, Everywhere

  • Global GPS system secures you from thievery or losing your wallet.
  • Track your wallet globally in real-time, from Africa to Siberia.
  • It’s free – without any hidden charges or fees.

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