Set of Cables


Additional set of customized Volterman cables to charge your wallet and phone.



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Additional information

  • USB type C to Magnetic 7.5 cm
  • Micro USB to Magnetic 7.5 cm
  • iPhone USB to Magnetic 7.5 cm
  • USB Type A to Magnetic 1m
  • Ships within 60 days


Fill out the form below. With engraving, we make an everlasting imprint by etching right into the leather.

men's engraved wallet

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add-ons and accessories

The Passport cover will notify you each time you leave your passport or phone behind to get it back in no time.


No need to remember to charge your wallet every time you go out. Simply charge it wirelessly on the go with Volterman Wireless charger.


Additional set of customized cables to charge your wallet and phone.