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FAQ. Setting up and Updates

Setting up

Download the Volterman app to your smart device and register your account. Use the confirmation code sent to your email to complete your registration. Charge your wallet using the supplied wallet charging cable. Please note that the cable must be fed via the bottom of the wallet. Your wallet will display a red light whilst charging and a green light once fully charged. Press the Alarm Button until the green start-up light comes on. Your wallet will now run through its start-up sequence. This typically takes 20 to 30 seconds. Scan the yellow Security Card’s QR Code to connect your device. Please Note: For the security of your data, your wallet can only be connected to one account at a time.

Connecting your phone to your Volterman

• FOR IOS, press the Alarm Button on the wallet (the Bell Icon under the Camera) until the green start-up light comes on. As soon as the green light comes on, stop pressing the button and wait 40-50 seconds until the light turns off. Your wallet will now run through its start-up sequence. Scan the yellow Security Card's QR Code to connect your device.
• FOR ANDROID, press the Alarm Button on the wallet (the Bell Icon under the Camera) until the green start-up light comes on. As soon as the green light comes on, stop pressing the button and wait 40-50 seconds until the light turns off. Your wallet will now run through its start-up sequence. Scan the yellow Security Card's QR Code to connect your device. Press the Alarm button on the wallet; wait for about 5 seconds until the white light start to blink. Remove your finger away, once the light is blinking. You will receive a notification for pairing, which you need to confirm to have your wallet and your phone paired

Firmware Update

Your Volterman wallet is kept up-to-date with the release of regular app (software) and wallet (firmware) updates. App updates are usually automatic (depending on your device’s settings) and can be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play. Firmware updates are different. When a new firmware update is available, your Settings Icon will display a red indicator.
• Click on this icon to be taken to the Settings Menu.
• Choose the Firmware Update option and download the file • Once it has downloaded to your device, the button will change to ‘INSTALL’. Press it
• You will now be asked to connect to the Volterman Wi-Fi (in the same way as for the Memory Bank).
• Navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi and choose ‘Volterman’. If needed, enter your Wi-Fi password (the default is 12345678)
• Return to the Volterman app and press ‘INSTALL’ once more. The downloaded file will now be transferred to your wallet.
• Your app will inform you once the update has been installed, and your wallet will reboot.


Press the Setting Icon to access the Volterman app side menu. From here, you can change a number of different parameters and set up your app the way you want it, contact Volterman Customer Support and much more.

Power Bank

The built-in Power Bank allows you to charge the wallet both with a cable or wirelessly. To see the battery level of your wallet, press the Power Bank icon on the Home Screen. This screen will also show you when your device is charging. You receive a notification when the Power Bank level is below 15%.


To charge your device using a cable, connect the compatible cable via the bottom of the wallet, connect the other end to your device.
To charge a QI compatible device wirelessly, turn on the Power Bank as described above and place your device on the ‘front’ of the wallet (the side with the Volterman Logo. If properly aligned, your device should start charging after a few seconds.
Please Note:
• QI charging is significantly slower than conventional cable charging.
• Always turn the Power Bank of when you are not charging a device as QI technology emits a regular signal which can cause a significant reduction in battery life.
• Only use the charging cables provided.
• We recommend that you enable the app’s ‘Airplane Mode’ when charging your wallet
• Simultaneously charging your wallet with a cable and wirelessly is not
• Simultaneously charging two devices via cable and wirelessly is not recommended.
• Likewise, charging a device via the wallet whilst charging the wallet at the same time is not recommended.
• Do not charge your wallet using a power supply greater than 5V 2A

Memory Bank

Your wallet contains a 64GB memory and can be used to store all regular files. To access your files, press the Memory Bank icon where you will be advised to connect to the Volterman Wi-Fi (navigation to your phone’s Wi-Fi screen is dependent on your Operating System and phone). The default password is – 12345678
Once connected, navigate back to the Volterman app. You will now have access to your Memory Bank and any files that are contained within. You can also add, rename and delete folders and files in much the same way as any other File Manager.
Please Note:
• Connection to the Volterman Wi-Fi IS NOT an internet connection but a direct link between your device and your Volterman wallet using Wi-Fi protocol. This is a standard data-transfer technique used by many high-end devices and is much faster than Bluetooth. You will not have internet access at this time
• A small amount of your 64GB is taken up with necessary system files that enable your OS to communicate with the Memory Bank.

Distance Alarm

The Distance Alarm will ring whenever your wallet is out of range (approximately 20M/65t). To activate the Distance Alarm, turn your phone’s Bluetooth on and ensure that your wallet is connected. Slide the toggle under the Alarm Icon to the right. If Bluetooth connection is lost, your wallet and phone will ring and vibrate. Your phone will display a pop-up with a button that can turn the alarm of. You can also turn of the alarm by single clicking the wallet’s Alarm Button.
You can manually activate the wallet’s alarm by pressing the Distance Alarm Icon and then the ‘FIND MY VOLTERMAN’ button. Simply press the ‘TURN OFF’ button (or the wallet’s Alarm Button) to deactivate the ringing.
You can also set your phone ringing by single-pressing the wallet’s Alarm Button. Again, you can turn it of by pressing the Alarm Button, or the TURN OFF’ button on your phone. To disable this function, slide the toggle back to the let.
Please Note:
Like with any radio transmission, environmental factors, like walls, steel beams and even the weather, can reduce Bluetooth range. We recommend that you disable the alarm in sensitive areas (theaters, museums classrooms, etc.) to avoid accidental activation.

Wi-Fi Hostpot

By activating the Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can use your wallet as an internet Access Point when traveling around the world. Toggle this function on and of by using the slider under the Hotspot Icon.
Press the Hotspot Icon to access the Hotspot Menu where you can view and top-up your roaming balance, see the roaming charges for each countries and any special offers currently available.
Please Note:
• In order to use the Hotspot function, you will need to deposit funds into your account. You can choose between USD, EUR and GBP to deposit, but your credit will be shown in AMD (Armenian Dram) with an approximate exchange rate.
• All credit has a 90 day duration
• You can connect up to 10 devices to the Hotspot at one time.
• The default password is – 12345678
• Like with any data device, we recommend that you only use roaming when needed. Some country data charges are much higher than others, and this could result in your funds being used more rapidly. Where possible, use a Wi-Fi service instead.
• The direct Wi-Fi connection between your device and wallet and the Hotspot are not the same thing. You are not charged for using the Wi-Fi to access your Memory Bank
• Special Bundles (when available) are a more cost effective solution than Standard Tariff. We recommend that you check periodically to see what bundles are available.
• Data costs are not set by Volterman and we have no influence over them
• The Hotspot is offered as an optional service. Volterman does not profit from its use.
• No other wallet function is limited if you choose not to use this option.

RFID Protection

Besides all the great features, Volterman Smart Wallet also offers RFID protection to keep your credit cards safe.

Distance Measurement

This section allows you to choose your tracking measurements. You can choose between meters, feet or inches.


Click here to set your preferred default currency. You can choose either USD, EUR or GBP Please Note Transactions will be conducted in AMD (Armenian Dram).

Track my wallet

By pressing the button, the Track My Wallet function allows you to see your wallet’s location using GPS. From the tracking screen you can:
• Track your wallet in real time
• Get directions to your wallet
Please Note
The GPS location may not be accurate when the wallet is in an enclosed location. However, the wallet automatically tags its location on an hourly basis and these last tagged locations can be viewed from inside the app.


When activated, the built-in 4MP camera will take pictures when the wallet is opened. The images are then sent, free of charge, to your Volterman account.
The camera function operates in two modes:

Local Mode

Slide the toggle under the Camera Icon to turn on the Local Mode function. In this mode, the camera takes photos every time the camera is opened. You will be informed on your device and asked to connect to the Volterman Wi-Fi in order to access the images taken (see the Memory Bank section to learn how to connect).
Once connected, you will be taken to the ‘Local Photos’ folder of your app, where the images are downloaded and sorted into dated folders. From here, you can view, download images to your device or delete them.
Lost Mode
This mode is automatically enabled as soon as the wallet loses its Bluetooth connection with your device (usually around 20 meters/65t). In this case, three photos are taken when the wallet is first opened. These photos are sent to your account, where you can view them by clicking on the Camera Icon and choosing the Lost Mode folder.
Please Note:
As Lost Mode photos are sent via the built-in SIM card, it an sometimes take a few minutes for the images to be transferred through the various networks to your Volterman account.

Alarm button

Your Volterman wallet comes with an Alarm Button that performs several functions: Long Press – This will turn your wallet on, or reboot it if it is already on.
1 Click – When connected, this rings your smart device. If the wallet is ringing, one click will turn it of.
2 Clicks – When connected, this toggles the Power Bank function. A red LED light will also indicate that the Power Bank is on.
3 Clicks – This will turn your wallet off. No functions are available in this state.

Airplane mode

Click on the Airplane Mode icon, confirm your choice and the Volterman app will temporarily suspend all wallet functionality except for the Power Bank, which can be used as required. When confirmed, you will be taken to the Power Bank screen, and can exit Airplane Mode by pressing the button in the bottom corner.
Please Note:
This mode does not affect any other part of your phone and should not be used in place of your device’s regular Airplane Mode.

History Log

The History Log displays a list of connection events including any errors. When contacting us, you may be asked to send a screenshot of this screen.

Change account password

Like with all of your online accounts, we recommend that you change your Volterman app password regularly. To do so, simply choose this option and send yourself a verification code. You will need this code to change your Volterman account password.

Manage Devices

Please Note:
Deleting a wallet from your app/account will also delete all other data, except files saved to your Memory Bank. Delete those files before removing your wallet from the app.

Log out

Go here to log out of the Volterman app.
Please Note:
You can sill keep your wallet on and operate the Power Bank functions when logged out of the Volterman app.

Factors that cause GPS inaccuracies

Initialization and warm-up:
When first turned on, the GPS needs some time to receive data from the satellites that describes the position and timing of all of the satellites in the system.
Signal obstruction:
Buildings, trees, tunnels, mountains, clothing, and the human body can prevent GPS signals from the satellites reaching the receiver wallet.

Ask a Question

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